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H/S/MDK090 IP65

Katalog PHILIPS Svetiljke prema tipu Unutrašnje osvetljenje Viseće svetiljke H/S/MDK090 IP65

High-quality high-bay indoor luminaires for high intensity discharge
lamps for dusty industrial areas. Multidirectional light distribution
with choice of standard and facetted reflectors and glass dust cover.
• High-grade reflectors provide highly efficient light beam.
• Facetted reflectors as an alternative for more aesthetic
environment such as supermarkets and discount stores.
• Luminaires should be equipped with a glass-dust cover for humid
and dusty environment and in that case reflector is connected to
the glass-dust cover through a chain to ensure easy maintenance.
• Dusty Industries
• Warehouses
• Supermarkets and discount stores
Technical description
• Anodised aluminium reflector
• Electrical unit from injection moulded aluminium
• Thermallyhardened 5 mm glass
• Stainless steel clips for glass dust cover.
Installation and mounting
Electrical unit, reflector and glass dust cover should be ordered
separately. A chain is supplied together with the electrical unit to
suspend the luminaires easily. Cable entry via PG16 cable gland.
Note for IP 65, the reflectors should be ordered together with a
glass dust cover. It is recommended to use MDK 090 only in
combination with a glass dust cover and together with Philips lamps.