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Katalog PHILIPS Svetiljke prema tipu Unutrašnje osvetljenje Ugradne svetiljke IMPALA TBS 160

Functional, economical luminaire for TL-D fluorescent lamps with a wide range of New Generation optics and prismatic plate. Optics/plate and lamps are supplied with the luminaire. Fixation of the optics/plate to the housing by innovative clip, to facilitate installation and maintenance. Mains connection can be made without opening the luminaire, due to a smart external connection system. The luminaire fits standard in visible profile ceilings and it fits also, by using accessories, in concealed and plaster ceilings.
Choice of different standard versions available:
• plug-in connector GST 18/3
• cable 2.0 m and Europlug
• emergency lighting 1- or 3-hours
• Office spaces
• Recreational areas
• Discount stores, hyper-/
supermarkets, do-it-yourself
• Department stores, fashion
• Normal industries
• Dust protected
• Impact protected
Technical description
• Gear/power supply:
HF: 220 V - 240 V (HFB, HFP, HFR, EI*)
conventional: 230 V
• Lamps: 2, 3 and 4 TL-D fluorescent
• Connection: push-in connection block
• Housing: pre-lacquered white steel
* Electronic Included
Mounting: individual.
Modules: 600 x 600, 300 x 1 200, 600 x 1 200 mm.
Ceilings: visible ceiling types profile 15 or 24 mm, with accessories in
concealed or plaster ceilings.
Connection to mains can be made by an external connection.
In each corner of the housing, holes are available for safety chain or
thread rod.
Optic fixation by innovative clip.
Suspension brackets, plaster clips (18 W only), GST 18/3 female