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Katalog PHILIPS Svetiljke prema tipu Spoljašnje osvetljenje Urbano osvetljenje MVF415

Compact, sturdy, economical floodlight for area or decorative
applications. Built-in gear for a 70 W metal halide lamp.
Supplied as kombi-pack complete with lamp.
Main applications
• Parks
• Architecture
• Industrial areas
• Security
Suitable lamp type
• MHN - TD 70 W
• Heat-resistant silicone rubber gasket between glass and housing
render the floodlight dustproof and jetproof to IP 65
• For vertical down or up-lighting in wide or narrow-beam versions
• Front glass, in high-pressure diecast aluminium hinged frame with
single-screw fixing, allows easy in-position lamp replacement
• Lampholders located outside reflector in conformity with EU
regulations concerning high temperatures
• Gear incorporated in separate gear compartment at rear of
housing: hinged cover for easy in-position electrical connection
and maintenance
• Horizontal and vertical ‘barn door’ sets available as optional
accessories to shield lamp from direct view, reduce glare and
screen off spill light
Materials and finish
Non-corrosive, high-pressure diecast lacquered aluminium housing;
injection-moulded nylon gear box; high-grade anodized aluminium
reflector; 5 mm-thick toughened glass; heat-resistant silicone gasket;
electro-phoretic lacquered steel mounting bracket; black finish. All
external fixings in corrosion-resistant zinc-coated steel.
Universal mounting bracket allows ceiling, wall or surface mounting.
Housing dustproof and jetproof to IP 65; no internal cleaning
• Black ‘barn door’ set
• Black louvre to limit horizontal glare by screening lamp from
direct view


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