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Katalog PHILIPS Svetiljke prema tipu Unutrašnje osvetljenje Linijski sistemi TETRIX TTX150

With the introduction of the Tetrix light-line, the emphasis is on
simplicity. Easy ordering, with everything assembled in one box, and
tool-less installation are guaranteed to reduce installation work to a
minimum.Tetrix comes in 1.5 or 3 m lengths with a pre-mounted
mechanical coupling and through-wiring connector, reflector,
suspension bracket and snap-on finishing pieces. A starter kit is
required to start the light line.The pre-assembled trunking is
equipped with 5 x 2.5 mm2 through-wiring.Tetrix is delivered with a
white in-laid reflector to cover most standard applications.
Conventional and HF versions are available in 58 W.The white
pre-lacquered profile forms the carrier of the system. Its shape has
been designed to be compact and rigid. Dedicated 1.5 m trunkings
can be equipped with emergency lighting. Maintenance is carried
out from below, enabling the system to be used as a surface
mounted solution.