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Katalog PHILIPS Svetiljke prema tipu Spoljašnje osvetljenje Urbano osvetljenje URBANA

Comprising nine different decorative
models, the Urbana range can be deployed
in a wide variety of urban applications. At
the same time, a distinct family design
aesthetic is maintained thanks to the use of
a single standard pole mount across the
entire range. Whatever the application,
Urbana’s combination of excellent lighting
performance and attractive both day-time
and night-time appearance adds to the
ambience and human appeal of the
surroundings. The luminaires with Forest,
Arctic and Tropic top covers address the
issue of obtrusive light by means of
dedicated bowls with top covers that
prevent upward emission of light. The light
pollution bowl Luner features a black
coating on its upper hemisphere, to prevent
upward light distribution. The prismatic
Agate bowl produces an appealing
sparkling light effect, while the opal Polar
and clear Cristal bowls offer a choice of soft,
diffuse lighting and bright, direct
illumination respectively.