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Katalog PHILIPS Svetiljke prema tipu Unutrašnje osvetljenje Viseće svetiljke CABANA MPK150


Functional high-bay indoor luminaire for

high-intensity discharge lamps; supplied

with reflector. The reflector can be attached

to the unit without screws by means of an

ingenious bayonet construction. The

innovative external beam regulator enables

easy lamp adjustment (narrow or wide

beam) on the installation site. The external

connector allows electrical connection

without opening the unit. Two pigtail hooks

are delivered with the product for either

one- or two-point suspension. A protective

cover is supplied with the HPI-P lamp

versions and can be ordered separately for

other versions. Two standard versions are


Compact version with unit and reflector in

one box;

KIT version with unit, reflector and lamp



Normal industries

Dust- and moisture-protected (IP 65 version)

Technical description

Gear/power supply: conventional: 230 V or 240 V

Lamp: 1x HPI-Plus, SON or HPL

Material: housing of cast aluminium and polycarbonate,

reflector of anodised aluminium, glass cover of

thermally hardened glass







Mounting: individual.

Two hooks delivered with the product for one- or

two-point suspension with cable or chain. Bracket

available for installation with tube or threaded rod.






Reflector attached to the unit without screws by

means of ingenious bayonet construction.






External connector allows connection to mains

without opening the unit.







Mounting bracket for installation to ceiling, cable

duct, threaded rod. Glass cover with four clips, seal

and retaining cable.