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Pacific TCW215

Katalog PHILIPS Svetiljke prema tipu Unutrašnje osvetljenje Vodootporne svetiljke Pacific TCW215

Functional dust-, and jetproof luminaire for TL-D fluorescent lamps.

Fibre-glass reinforced polyester housing with an acrylic pearled


Fixation of the cover to the housing without additional lockers, but

by innovative concept with integrated fixation points. Gear tray,

2 stainless steel ceiling fixation clips and cable entries (membranes)

supplied with the luminaire.

Choice of different standard versions available:

• versions 1/2 x 18 W, 1/2 x 36 W, 1/2 x 58 W (TL-D),

• ready-to-install, including lamp(s) and Waterproof External

Connector (WEC),

• equipped with through-wiring 5 x 2.5 mm2.


Quick maintenance.

No loose parts.

Suspension of the cover.


• Dust and moisture protected

Technical description

• Gear/power supply:

HF: 220 V - 240 V (HFB, HFP, HFR, EI*)

conventional: 230 V

• Lamps: 1 and 2 TL-D fluorescent

• Connection: fused connection block optional

• Material: grey fibre glass reinforced polyester housing and acrylic


* Electronic Included


Quick installation.

Mounting: individual or in-line.

Separate access to ceiling clips possible via hatch in the packaging.

Easy ‘click’ installation by 2 stainless steel ceiling fixation clips.

Flexibility: variable fixation centres and different cable entries


Pre-mounted cable entry.

Easy electrical connection due to solid gear tray suspension or KIT

version with Waterproof External Connector (WEC).


Suspension hooks, brackets for suspension on Philips TTX410

trunking systems, eyebolts and through-wiring sets.