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Mini Pentura

Katalog PHILIPS Svetiljke prema tipu Unutrašnje osvetljenje Nadgradne svetiljke Mini Pentura

Ultra-slim decorative battenIzuzetno male dimenzije

The slim, lightweight design of the Pentura Mini batten makes it easy to install, even where

space is limited, e.g. in coving over/under-shelf in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. The

polycarbonate housing, cover and end caps ensure that the Pentura Mini will deliver lasting


Cost-effective TL5 solution

The Pentura Mini offers all the benefits of TL5 technology - good lamp performance,

miniaturised luminaires, narrow lightlines and a choice of lamp wattages (14/21/28 W),

colours (warm/neutral white, 830/840) and lengths (623 mm, 923 mm and 1223 mm).The

electronic ballast ensures 10 000 hours maintenance-free operation. In short, a highly costeffective


Ready-to-install kit

Pentura Mini battens are supplied with lamp and cover already fitted and all necessary

mounting accessories, thus reducing installation time to a minimum. And thanks to the

removable end cap (covering the terminal block), electrical connection and throughwiring

could not be simpler.